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What are Elders?

Rev. David Schmidt

February 2, 2020

Recently, during the announcements after the worship service, I mentioned that we have formed a Board of Elders for our congregation. This is a group of men who Pastor Vanderbush organized prior to his departure. When I got here, the board had its first meeting in order to clarify the responsibilities of the elders. Since this is not a board that many of you are used to, I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what the elders’ role will be at Faith.

Simply stated, an elder is an assistant to the pastor in meeting the spiritual needs of a congregation. He is not a replacement for the pastor, but a second set of eyes, ears, and hands for the pastor in ministering to the congregation.

So that the elders can better serve the congregation, each elder has been assigned a care group which consists of several families. The purpose of the care group is to see that the needs of each member in the congregation are being met. Your elder will be making contact with you either face to face or by phone to let you know that you are assigned to his care group. You are always encouraged to contact me, but you can also contact your elder with any concerns or needs you may have.

Other responsibilities of the elders include assisting me in the distribution of communion, assisting in baptisms, encouraging me in my work, and being concerned for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of me and my family.

Elders will also be assigned to oversee other areas of ministry. Currently they oversee the acolytes and ushers. The elders’ responsibilities may increase as the board sees fit.

Be sure to thank the elders for this service. Also, I ask that you keep the Board of Elders in your prayers as they assist me in caring for you and this congregation.